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With the great strength of the community and the strong development of the internet, chatGPT can create simple and unique games that you can hardly imagine.

How is the Sumplete Unlimited created?

Daniel Tait - a chatGPT user - asked chatGPT about games that involve sudoku - a famous game about the logic of numbers. ChatGPT has introduced a list of other famous games like Kakuro, Nonograms, KenKen, Hitori, etc. He asked chatGPT about creating a special new game for himself. ChatGPT only took a few minutes to design a game called "Labyrinth Soduku". Basically, this game has the following points of interest:

  1. a 9x9 grid that is divided into nine smaller grids each with nine cells.
  2. Each row must contain all numbers from 1 to 9 without repetition.
  3. Each column must contain all numbers from 1 to 9 without repetition.
  4. Each of the nine 3x3 sub-grids must contain all numbers from 1 to 9 without repetition.
  5. There are barriers in the grid that must be navigated. Each row and column in the grid contains one or more barrier cells, marked with a thick border. These cells cannot be filled with a number and they create a labyrinth that must be navigated.

With the basic rules of the day, Daniel decided to ask chatGPT to improve the way it plays. ChatGPT offers a completely new and unique way to play called Sum Delete. The basic rules of Sum Delete are the same as we know.

Once the basic rules were in place, Daniel asked chatGPT to create a playable version based on HTML, CSS, and Javascript. After many improvements in terms of interface, the final product was created by chatGPT and named Sumplete Unlimited.

The name Sumplete Unlimited is made up of "summary" and "complete", very easy to remember, and partly reflects the goal of the game.


We will be surprised at the uniqueness of Sumplete Unlimited and the creativity of chatGPT, which shows that if we know how to use chatGPT effectively and correctly, the potential of chatGPT really exceeds our expectations.

How to play

The puzzle call Sum Delete. The game consists of a 7x7 grid filled with a random number between 1 - 9. The objective is to delete some in the grid so that the sum of each row and column is equal to the target number shown at the end of each row and column.


Each row and column must add up to the target number shown at the end of the row or column

You can delete any number in the grid that you wish

You can delete as many or as few numbers as you want, but the solution must bi unique

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